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Posted by Miguel Katipunan on Sunday, February 24, 2013 1

Simply change your MAC address

Win7 MAC Address Changer is a very simple application designed to change the MAC address used for identifying a specific network adapter or computer in a network.

Especially designed to work on Windows 7, Win7 MAC Address Changer boasts a rather simple interface that can be safely used by beginners as well, at least as long as they know how can a MAC affect the computer.

The clean interface prompts the user to choose the adapter whose MAC is supposed to be modified, while step number 2 asks him/her to select the operating system, which can be Windows 7, Vista and XP, all three being fully supported.

Next, the user has nothing to do than to enter the new MAC or, in case he wishes to switch to a random one, it's enough to hit the “Randomize” button and let the application generate one automatically.

Once you've reached this step, there's nothing more to do than to press the big “Change” button and let Win7 MAC Address Changer modify the MAC address. You need to disable and enable the network adapter back in order to apply the new settings.

If for some reason you want to switch back to the original MAC address, Win7 MAC Address Changer comes with a dedicated “Reset to Default” button that gives you the option to reset the new MAC and get back to the one you've used before the modification.

Win7 MAC Address Changer runs on very low computer resources and although it doesn't include a help file, it can be safely used by rookies, especially because it comes with a “Reset to Default” feature.

All in all, this is one of the easiest MAC spoofing tools, but it does exactly the same thing as all the other apps. Good thing it's effective though.

Win7 MAC Address Changer description

Here are some key features of "Win7 MAC Address Changer":

· Very easy to use with very simple interface.
· No installation Needed.
· Very small in size (76kb when zipped),which makes it easy to carry around in a pendrive.
· Generate Random MAC Address using Random MAC Address Generator.
· Both Wired and Wireless Network Cards from all vendors are Supported.
· Fully compatible with Windows 7 all editions.
· Also supports for Windows XP And Windows Vista.
· MAC Address can be reset to default by using the reset button.
· All Settings of the application can be reset to default.
· A user can undo his actions by referring to log files.
· Quick system information can be obtained by System Information Module.

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  1. Win7 MAC Address Changer allows you to change (spoof) Media Access control (MAC) Address of your Network Interface Card (NIC) irrespective to your NIC manufacturer or its driver.

    Silvester Norman

    Change Mac Address



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